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Business Continuity in London

The BCI London Forum is the largest chapter or "forum" within the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) and each year hosts and manages three seminars in London. It is run by a volunteer committee of BC practitioners.

Any professional involved in business continuity, disaster, crisis, resilience, risk, emergency or facilities management with operations in London would benefit from these opportunities to learn and network with like-minded individuals.

Mission of the BCI
  • To define the professional competencies expected of business continuity professionals
  • To provide an internationally recognised Certification scheme for the business continuity profession.
  • To provide a programme of Continuous Professional Development to enable members to maintain their professional competencies.
  • To initiate, develop, evaluate and communicate BCM thinking, standards and good practices
  • To influence policy makers, opinion formers and other stakeholders worldwide in BCM issues
Our Vision and Aims Minimize

The vision of the BCI London Forum is to:

  • Become the recognised leading authority on business continuity related issues within the London area by anticipating future business continuity trends and adapting its workshops and other networking events accordingly;
  • Run events that challenge current thinking, are relevant, informative and accessible to all of those with an interest in business continuity management.

Our aims are to:

  • Increase knowledge and awareness of business continuity management 
  • Increase BCI membership by developing relationships at a ‘grass roots’ level
  • Increase BCI London Forum supporters
  • Run 3 well attended, high quality content, low cost events per year
  • Develop partnerships with organisations with similar objectives

Our strategy to fulfill that vision and complete these aims is here.

Future Events



13th February 2015  09.30 ~ 16.30 at Living Room, Greater London Authority City Hall 

With updates from the London Resilience Team, Cabinet Office Civil Contingencies Secretariat, Public Health England and other leading institutions, the event will provide an essential outline of the current BC environment. 

This same environment presents opportunities for progressing a BC programme and career.  The event will provide key directions for both, with new insights from the BCI, BC efficiency options and personal development routes from Bucks University.

The event forms part of the delivery programme of the BCI London Forum, aiming to offer BC professionals in the London area with events that contribute to professional development .

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Workshop & Seminar Fees:
£40 for BCI members*
£40 for non-members of the BCI

*  Reduced fees for seminars also apply to members of the Institute of Civil Protection and Emergency Management (ICPEM), the Emergency Planning Society (EPS), the Institute of Operational Risk (IOR), the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM)  and the British Computer Society (BCS).

Dates of BCI-LF Committee Meetings (subject to change)

Next Committee Meeting:  March 2015